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Point of No Return [Season 3]

It appears the Earth has gone to hell, and Hague says so to Sheridan. Sheridan is ordered to declare martial law on Babylon 5 by the Political Office via General Smits, and Garibaldi is told Nightwatch will have control of the station. Nightwatch, that seemingly harmless, and according to Zack in ages past, 'an easy way to earn extra money' (or something like that), is overjoyed at the news and tells members of the B5 security team that they can sign up with Nightwatch, or get kicked out. Most sign up, but we get to see at least a few members walk away. Garibaldi storms down to the Nightwatch office and tells them that they should look at their priorities, and that Babylon 5 is what counts, not what the people back on Earth say. He reminds people there of how he has personally helped them, but none follow him. Zack replaces him, reluctantly it seems, as Head of Security.

I'm a little surprised at this, since the head of Nightwatch seems like an all round evil guy, and Garibaldi, if you get to the heart of it, is a person who helps people out. So I would have expected some to follow Garibaldi, not the Nightwatch liason, but this isn't real life and it wouldn't have had the same effect otherwise. Everyone loves power.

A fight breaks out in the Zocalo as ISN reports that Hague's destroyer group has been rescued by his other supporters, who quickly jump out of the system. During this, Sheridan declares martial law, hating every second of it, and when he finishes, a chair smashes into the TV showing it. It's strange the things you remember from episodes, isn't it?

Sheridan realises that during his conversation, General Smits was pointing out in the very words he said that the order was illegal, since it came from the Political Office, not directly from the President. Smits couldn't say this on an open line, of course. Meanwhile, G'Kar tells Ivanova he has an idea.

Zack arrives tired at his quarters, and finds Garibaldi, G'Kar and Ivanova inside and Sheridan behind him. He confesses to the Head of Nightwatch that Sheridan is replacing the security team with Narns. They plan to ambush the Narns, fully armed up with PPGs, when Zack dives out of the Bay and all the doors are closed. In fact, the Narns were already on Babylon 5 and Sheridan happily informs them that the order was illegal. A cunning plan, no less.

The other arc of this episode is just as important, and concerns Londo and Vir. Both are going to be Emperor, and one will be Emperor after the other. The way they handle this is admirable, and they don't let it affect their friendship. 'I've prepared your favourite spoo, Londo.' 'I think I'll eat out tonight.' It's a serious prophecy, and coming from Lady Morella, Emperor Turhan's third wife and a prophetess, recently arrived on Babylon 5, it sounds true. It means that both men will eventually rise very high in the Centauri court, and it will undoubtedly have something to do with the relationship Londo has with Morden. Londo can avoid his destiny, and you'll be able to see exactly what the tasks Londo has ahead of him are in further episodes (no spoilers here, I'm afraid).

Arc Rating: 9

Londo and Vir becoming Emperor? Could there be a more important arc? I don't think so. Couple that with Nightwatch and the declaration of martial law on Earth, and you've got one of the most important episodes in Season 3.

Episode Rating: 9

Point of No Return includes some well directed action sequences and a few sections that had me laughing. Just look at the smile the newly employed Security Narn has on his face as Lady Morella steps into the lift he's in.