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Babylon 5 Reviews

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Go to Neil Perryman's Views from the Gallery/Apocalypse Box for more, and better reviews. But for now, you can read these. They certainly aren't wonderful, and they were written a long time ago, when I was a much more headstrong and immature person (he says, covering his tracks).

As you may have noticed, I haven't reviewed that many episodes, and they may not be in the exact production order. I would direct you towards the Lurkers Guide to Babylon 5 for more detailed synopses and reviews.

A new addition is The Column, a wildly opinionated series of pieces which I'll write whenever I can think of something B5 related to rant about.

You might enjoy the reviews in bold.

The starred * episode names have special added sections that you won't find in my reviews at Neil Perryman's pages - so they're worth having a look at.

The Column


The Babylon 5 Experience (Why do I love Babylon 5 so much?)

Christopher Franke vs Evan Chen (Why Christopher Franke should have composed the music for Crusade)


Season 3

Point of No Return
Severed Dreams
Shadow Dancing

Season 4

Deconstruction of Falling Stars*

Season 5

No Compromises
The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari
The Paragon of Animals
A View from the Gallery*
Learning Curve
In the Kingdom of the Blind
Phoenix Rising
A Tragedy of Telepaths
Sleeping in Light

Note: Without doubt, the best episodes of Babylon 5 are probably the last six or seven from Season 5. Season 5 may have been slagged off a fair bit, but if you watch these last few in a row, you'll appreciate how amazing they are. Unfortunately, I haven't reviewed them.

Crusade Season 1


War Zone

Rules of the Game


The Official Guide to Babylon 5 CD-ROM

Official Guide to Babylon 5
Babylon 5 Extended CD
Music of Best of Babylon 5

Note: The Official Guide to Babylon 5 CD-ROM is just one single product, which you might be able to find in computer games shops now, although I'd expect you to have more success from mail-order.

There are two CDs in the box. The first is the actual Official Guide, with the main program. The second is the Extended Music CD. This CD contains a number of tracks from Babylon 5 music CDs, as well as two original tracks. The Extended Music CD can be played on a normal CD player, but when you put it into a computer you can access interviews with member of the B5 staff.