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The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari [Season 5]

Not really a review, but just a pondering about a few things.

Most of you will have worked out what Sheridan's changing costumes was to do with - as you go on, the period in time increases. So he starts off in the Earth Alliance, then (a la Severed Dreams) his jacket disappears, then changes to the Delenn-bestowed uniform, then the Presidential uniform, then… the head of the Rangers, or at least a Ranger. It generally makes sense, with Delenn in such high standing with the Rangers. After that, we get some white dress, probably what he's wearing when he's just about to die. Finally, he turns into a ball of light, reminiscent of Deconstruction of Falling Stars. Remember in the same episode, the Blessed Sheridan, being taken bodily into heaven? Maybe that's what Sheridan will look like, when he turns into the light-being.

The final section about the spirits in a Centauri's body. I don't think Londo is that corrupt, but I want to talk about the 'saintly' part of the spirit. Just because decides to look like G'Kar doesn't actually mean it is G'Kar. It's just taking that form so that Londo will notice him, which he definitely does. You can argue that G'Kar is looking very saintly these days, what with his rebirth and so on, but it remains that he did enslave the world of Tuchanq. Londo isn't that bad, and although can be seen as a pretty bad guy, he does still have a saintly part in him. He does, after all, in War Without End 2, basically sacrifice himself for his world and for Sheridan and Delenn.

When Londo whispers 'I'm sorry, G'Kar,' exactly what is G'Kar thinking? He smiles, then grimaces, then walks away. Either he's very happy, and overcome, or he's disgusted. Maybe it's just me.

Anyway, the Very Long Night of Londo Mollari had some excellent acting in it. It won't appeal to all B5 viewers, but JMS shows that he doesn't need action scenes to make a good episode.

Arc Rating: 6

Perhaps Londo's life will be changed forever, as predicted, but even so, he's only one character in the B5 saga. Lennier is leaving, but he'll be back.

Episode Rating: 8

I liked this episode, but I know for a fact others didn't.