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Five Gold Stars

If you see a book with this rating, go out and buy it now, if you have the money. If you don't have the money, go and steal it (the book, not the money). It really is a masterpiece, and deserves to be bought straight away. You will not regret it.

Generally, Five Gold Star books fall under the category of 'Timeless classics'. Even non-sci-fi fans may have read these, or at least heard of them or their authors.


Four Gold Stars

An excellent book, which should go to the top of your buying list. If you like the subgenre of this particular book, you'll love this one. Only a step down from being a true work of art. Four Gold Stars aren't exactly worse than Five, it's just that the Five Gold Stars books are generally agreed to be the best out there, while the Four Gold Stars are simply acclaimed as excellent.

Yes, there is a difference, in that as one sci-fi aficionado to others, the Five Gold Star books are generally accepted as having been read by all other sci-fi fans who read books. Whereas the Four Gold Star books are still amazing, but they probably haven't 'matured' enough to reach that elusive Five Gold Stars.


Four Stars

What's the difference, I hear you cry exasperatedly. Gold Stars and normal stars? What gives?

A Four Star book is just a merely very good book. It is not excellent, but if it forms part of a series, it's certainly worth buying. You'll enjoy a Four Star book very much, but it's not a classic. Certainly if there aren't any Gold Star books available, the Four Star books should be at the top of your list.


Three Stars

A Three Star book is what I'd call 'good-ish'. It's the sort of book that you enjoy while you're reading it, but when you compare it to others, it's not that good. It's not bad, but it's not amazing. If it forms part of a series which you like, you may as well buy it, but don't expect the world.

There are plenty of better books out there, but a Three Star book isn't a complete waste of your reading time.


Two Stars

If I've given a book Two Stars, then generally I didn't like it (well, that's a given). Why? Maybe the book was plagiaristic, maybe it was a continuation of a long drawn out series, maybe it didn't feature anything new. It wasn't outstanding. Don't bother buying a Two Star book, seeing as there are many better books which are worth your money out there.


One Star


Don't buy this book. Ever. It is not crap in a funny sense, it is crap in a crap sense. You will kick yourself for buying this book. It is an affront to humanity. It is the reason why so called 'literary critics' don't like science fiction.

Most of the Star Trek books that have numbers along their spines fall into this category. Yes, I know you like Star Trek, but the books are crap. Believe me.




Note: I am more than willing to put online other people's reviews or ratings of books, as long as they're not too ridiculous. And if they are ridiculous, if you give me a reason for the ridiculous rating that seems to make some sense, I will put it online.